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At Azemika & Azemika, we assist our clients with step-parent, independent, or adult adoptions. Adoption work allows us to give families a fresh start by bringing people together, as opposed to many family law matters that often end with separations and breakdown of family.

Our family law firm works with parents in Bakersfield and through Kern county. With over 42 years of collective experience, we offer our clients the care and attention to detail each adoption deserves. We can help you understand your options and rights regarding adoption and parental rights.

Termination of Parental Rights (Abandonment)

When a child is adopted, the child's biological parents must either give consent, or their rights must be terminated by court order.

Becoming a parent is always an exciting new phase that comes with many new rights and responsibilities. We can advise you on all the aspects of a step-parent, independent, and adult adoption, in many adoption scenarios, so you can start off parenthood with a step in the right direction on firm legal ground.

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How do I adopt my step-child?

The birth parents' rights must be terminated, either by agreement or court order, which means to legally sever the parent-child relationship. A court order to terminate a birth parent’s rights based on “abandonment.” Then the step-parent must petition the court to adopt the child. Once the adoption is complete, you may change your child’s name, birth certificate, and other legal documents to reflect the new relationship. Because adoption laws can be tricky, meeting with one of our experienced adoption attorneys can help the adoption process become a rewarding one.

What is a birth parent?

The term “birth parent” can refer to the biological parent of the child or the other parent when a couple has a child together legally, like same-gender couples or heterosexual couples using artificial insemination as a donor.

Does the child have to agree to the adoption?

Yes, if the child is 12 or older, the child must agree to the adoption before the court will grant the order.


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